Real Estate Sales Strategy

19 Aug 2021

In Real Estate, if you want to figure out how to enlarge your real estate leads,then the most important point is to follow and learn the sales funnel and in what way or manner it works.

Sales Funnel is basically a stepwise action through which real estate experts guide or influence a customer or clients to buy product or service.In this case as it is stepwise action because it takes time from the point a promising client arrives your funnel to the moment they plan and take benefit of your service 

The sales funnel has 4 important steps as mentioned below:

  1. Awareness
  2. Interest 
  3. Decision 
  4. Action

Real estate specialists must get a lot of capable promising clients into this funnel by way of our marketing work. At one time the prospect has enrolled the funnel, so systems are required in place to maintain these leads completely to the action point.If you are aware about each and every stage of the real estate funnel and expanding every phase of the funnel that can acknowledge you to contain good leads and will change it into clients.

The  4 stages of the real estate funnel are as below:

1. Awareness

The awareness action is like a promising client becoming knowledgeable about you and your business also through different ways of marketing. This can be done by PPC, direct mail, SEO, Social media,Content Marketing,etc

Most valuable point is that to be smart, to help something valuable to your lead and then pick up their communication information from this way.

You can even do the best way of marketing by advertising your free ebook or home evaluation as opposed in what way or manner good real estate expert you are - they are very concerned about the former. Usually people like free things, so if you give huge value to them upfront, they will pick up more information about you and in what way you can help them.

2. Interest

If the lead gives you contact information, you have to instruct the lead till next step in the funnel interest. Then you can set a campaign to help them with free information about their area.

This might be a way of articles about their city, or any events on weekends, some housing report of their location, or any related content. The lowest line is like you want to be first of your potential leads in a good way and move them to your website to acquire more information about you and your company.

The interesting stage is when promising clients want to acquire information about you or your company. Always confirm that your ‘about us’ is filled out & it includes good information about your achievement and even your team. If you are officially recognized by any of the organizations, so mention that as well

3. Decision

If you have supported amazing value to promising leads and have enthusiastic reviews and testimonials, then good leads should be easy for you and your company. If you are still putting efforts to sell promising leads in your business or product, so you need to go back & address the value you are sharing:

  • Is this thing offered by everyone in your market?
  • Do your competitors offer better than you?
  • What are your competitors' reviews? Are those reviews more than you?
  • How much content does your website have about your target market?

Above steps are very important and necessary to check them as well and it can affect converting a lead into a client. As per specialist, if any customers are receiving your emails, even visiting your page, but still thinking of going with another company or candidate, so they might have any trust issues or else not understand your company properly. 

Most important thing is, what you think is not worthwhile, customer thinking is beneficial in this.

4. Action

In real estate sales funnel the last stage is action. In this stage the particular lead chooses to pick you & even discover how active & genuine your sales funnel is. Another time, in what way or manner you closely move leads by way of this funnel will decide how strong a real estate expert you are.

Well, as we have enclosed the sales funnel, now it’s your turn to target on methods to boost your Real Estate.

By Shrreya Mangela [ Nihira Infotech Content Writing ]

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