www.RealEstateVerifiedLeads.com is a website to help Realestate CPs to get Verified Realestate Leads.
At www.RealEstateVerifiedLeads.com, we provide platform to check all generated and verified leads and filter them as per the requirement.
www.RealEstateVerifiedLeads.com team works with you closely and help you get best leads as per your requirement.

Nihira Infotech
www.RealEstateVerifiedLeads.com website is owned & trademark by 'Nihira Infotech'.
Nihira Infotech is an IT company and is working towards building web platforms to support and improvise operations of business also in other categories other than Information Technology.
Nihira Infotech owns a digital module of the platform and operates it successfully with expert & professional digital marketing team of its own.
Lead generation module is excuted under the tree of Nihira Infotech. For any process update or improvisation, Nihira Infotech team does required ammendment to the platform and works continously towards user beneficial and user friendly operations.
www.RealEstateVerifiedLeads.com is operated from office of parent company Nihira Infotech, which is located in Thane region of Mumbai city.

www.RealEstateVerifiedLeads.com is founded by Mr Vijay Jamdar in year 2020. Before starting his company, Vijay had overall IT experience of 14 years. Vijay used his experience to develop a new website and working towards improvising the process of engagement between the Buyer & Seller.