How to Increase Property Site Visits?

01 Jan 1970

The likelihood of a successful lead conversion in real estate is highly dependent on a successful site visit. In the sales process, it's a make-or-break situation. According to statistics, more than 7% of property site visits result in real sales, a remarkable conversion rate given the high cost of a unit.

With such a high conversion rate, having a solid plan in place to drive additional leads for a site visit is critical.

A site visit is an important step that purchasers take before deciding to invest in your project. When a customer visits a potential site, it indicates that they are interested in purchasing. As a result, engaging potential clients through site visits will almost always result in increased sales.

Marketing for a high-ticket item is a step-by-step procedure in which you gently guide a customer through the purchase cycle. It is advised that not only beautiful example flats be created, but also that additional site visits be encouraged. Once you have a list of eligible leads, you may use the procedures below to increase site visits.

Make the process of scheduling site visits easier

Consumers should be able to schedule a site visit quickly and easily. Adopt a one-click scheduling strategy so that potential customers who are interested in a site visit can go to the project page, fill out the required information, and arrange a visit. They should receive a confirmation email and a calendar invitation after completing the scheduling process, and they can quickly reschedule if necessary.

The easier the procedure, the more likely there are to be more site visits.

Virtual Site Visits Save Time and Effort

The number of site visits has increased by roughly 25% to 30% for companies who provide virtual site visits. A lead may explore the site from the comfort of his or her own home using an easy-to-set-up, customisable VR technology. Furthermore, it is effective for NRI leads as well as leads from other regions of the country. A virtual reality site tour will undoubtedly increase lead generation.

A consumer is more inclined to choose something that requires little effort. A virtual site visit setup may be simply accomplished utilising automation systems .Do Sales, where the integration of a VR site visit functionality is easy.

Offer a pick-up/drop-off service.

The effort required to see the property is the main barrier preventing potential leads from going through with a site visit. A complimentary pick-up and drop-off service is an excellent feature that attracts and encourages additional site visitors. It will save customers money and time on travel, making it simpler to persuade them to visit the property site.

If the property is in a larger city where having a pickup and drop is problematic, plan for a pickup from a station or a neighbouring region.

Construct an Experience Center

When a potential lead comes to the site, he or she is looking for more than simply a tour of the sample flat. Reputable real estate businesses have created a consumer experience centre where they show how the entire project will appear and give customers a sense of the lifestyle that the property offers. New-age customers desire more than just a nice place to live; they desire a better way of life. It's critical to offer them a taste of what they might expect from the home in terms of lifestyle. To attain this ultimate aim, experience centres employ innovative technical solutions such as virtual reality or video centres.

Include photographs of your consumer experience centre in your marketing communications to encourage customers to visit the project.

Automated Content Personalization

It's critical to contact a customer at the proper time - while they're exploring your project website, you're there in the middle of their minds. You may create a customized content strategy for each customer in your lead nurturing plan using powerful marketing automation technologies. It is simple to send appropriate messages on each given event caused by the consumer by tracking their online and sales interactions.

Companies in a variety of sectors have seen a 20 percent boost in customer engagement after implementing marketing automation solutions. The higher the rate of involvement, the more likely it is that site visits will occur.

Do Marketing implements in-depth drip marketing, in which messages are sent across several touchpoints. An offer mailer or an emailer exhibiting the project's aspired lifestyle can be transmitted when a customer views the project website or has a quality chat with a pre-sales professional. 

By Shrreya Mangela [ Nihira Infotech Content Writing ]
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